The Storms Caused Freda’s Faith

Freda (Free) Camille will declare to anyone that the storms in her life has lead to the faith that she has in God. She is currently a member of New Destiny Fellowship Church located in Wilmington, Delaware. Her faith in the lord is the key to her success. Right now, life is going well for Freda and things appear to be falling into place. Freda is an actress, poet, writer, author, mentor, and mother. The glare of strength reflects from her eyes as she stands strong anticipating her next move. Must have been born this way or maybe God had a hedge of protection around her since birth. The reality is that she has not always been the loving, beautiful, strong, professional and independent woman that we see today.


Freda has experienced a number of storms in her life. She had been molested at a young age. This can be devastating for a young girl to have to experience. After having such an experience, any young female may start to question God and ask “why me?” Some young girls may have given up at this point. Just think of the many negative effects that may come out of this. At the age of thirteen, Freda became the caretaker of her mother. The storms in Freda’s life probably felt more like a hurricane. As a result of some of her experiences, she started making a number of bad decisions. Freda got pregnant when she was still a teenager, been arrested and went through a period in her life were she faced depression. This may have been a direct result of the molestation or other experiences. Life can be difficult for a woman. Sometimes men can forget that simple fact while in a relationship. Woman are precious and must be handle with love and care. In addition to her own struggles, Freda was faced with her most difficult storm. When Freda was twenty-three years old her mother passed on from heart disease. I can only imagine the impact of losing a parent. I must admit that I have a lot of respect for Freda! Though the weight of the world appeared to be on her shoulders and she was close to breaking, she did not give up. The only thing that I can say is that, the enemy thought that he had another one, boy was he wrong. Instead of allowing her experiences to destroy her life, Freda began to answer the call that God had on her life. God must have stepped in and commanded the enemy to take his hands off of His child. An old saying goes “whatever doesn’t kill us will make us stronger. This was true in Freda’s case. That is why we are able to see this strong black queen who stands before us today. Instead of being blown away by her storms, she began to call on the name of the lord. She is now committed to encouraging other young girls or women, who are facing similar storms, to hold on and never give up. Freda knows the power of God and trust Jesus to guide her through any situation or challenge.

God is now able to use Freda for his glory, now that she understands that her past can be used in order to help others. She works as a Licensed Practical Nurse as she enjoys helping others. She mentors young ladies in her community. She is also a Youth Leader at New Destiny Fellowship Church in Wilmington, Delaware. Freda has mentored young ladies in her community, and has spoken at several treatment facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She used these moments to become transparent and share her testimony about the various adversities she has overcome in her life. Her desire is to encourage those who have endured the sting or stigma of the pain she has. She wants you to know and see that you can get through it, you can heal and things will get better. Follow the example that Freda has set in finding healing during her difficult times in life. Writing was given to Freda as a gift from God when she was eleven years old. During some of her most difficult times in life, Freda found a way of escaping her reality through writing poetry. Freda Camille finally stepped out on faith released her first book independently titled “The Storms Caused My Faith.” This is an amazing book of poems which offers encouragement through her words. Freda also co-authored the book “Things I Wish He Knew: Our Letters of truth.” These books are available on Amazon. You can also purchase them through her paypal links below:

 The Storms Caused My Faith $15.70
Things I Wish He Knew $20.00
Freda also appeared in the independent film titled “found.” She plans on releasing her next book “To Have and To Hold” in the Spring of 2016. There will be a short film project to follow the book. Below is a preview of Freda’s upcoming book. I also have an exclusive excerpt from her upcoming book.  I am anticipating this book, along with the rest of her audience. Keep your eyes and ears open for this amazing poet, author, actress, mother and strong black woman. Freda has an upcoming meet and greet/book signing event on Saturday, February 20th from 1pm until 4pm. at: Mejah Books, Holly Oak Plaza, 2099A Philadelphia Pike, Claymont, Delaware (302) 793-3424


Heartbeat of Love…

your heart… my heart… 

an everlasting beat 

that echoes from our childhood… 

cascades into a river that empties into a long awaited scenery of adulthood… 

it’s a warm pre-existing sense of love… 

a beautiful experience… 

slowly becomes oblivious to life… timeless love… 

transparent love… 

untouchable love… 

we ♥

-Freda Camille-

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