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Super Bowl LVII

Sitting here watching the Super Bowl and seeing all the excitement and fanfare. The many new Super Bowl Commercials and predictions on who’s going to win. The well anticipated Halftime performance by none other than Rhiana. The Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs go head-to-head. Well, enough talk about this big game. I’m about to eat a snack and watch this game. May the best team win!

Protect Your Peace

Protect your Peace at all cost. Your Peace is probably the most valuable asset in your life. I would declare that your Peace is more valuable than money. We sometimes waste a lot of time being stressed out. Stressed out our jobs, in our relationships, and just in life in general. I’ll tell you that you must do something about that. If you continue to live and operate in that condition, things will only get worse. When you’re stressed out, you will stress out others close to you. You may even cause yourself some health issues. I say, bet on you and take the necessary steps to change your own condition. It may be changing your job, profession, relationship, and/or life condition. Only you know the answers to this. By all means Protect Your Peace.

I wish you happiness and encourage you to do all that you can to protect your peace. Follow Mark on Youtube @

Don’t Wait for It!

Don’t simply wait for it! Yes, we must have faith and be patient for anything that we want. I will say this again, don’t wait for it. There’s a difference between having faith and idly waiting for something to happen. The only way for you to get what you want out of life is to put one foot in front of the other and make it happen. In the meantime; continue to pray, meditate, and walk by faith. Let’s get started today on reaching your goals. Remember that Mark told you, don’t wait for it!

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