Excerpts From The Book

Excerpts from the book. Sample Chapter coming soon.
Excerpts from the book.

Copyright © 2015, Mark L Baynard

The Author Chose to share a few excerpts from the book!

(His story is centered on the realities of poor decisions, street life, prisons, drug sales, drug use and abuse. The book you hold in your hand is the passionate effort of a man who has traveled the wrong road, and is now reaching out to you as you stand at the crossroads of life.)

(I spent my teenage years walking around in complete darkness. I did what I wanted to do, without considering the thoughts or feelings of others.)

(I can remember telling myself, as a young teenage male, that “I could accept responsibility for my wrongs even if they led me to prison,” or that “If I returned to prison, I will serve double digit numbers.)

(But while I knew that I could handle prison and that I was willing to accept the consequences of my actions, I did not consider the ways in which my poor decisions would affect my family.)

(When we go to prison, we ultimately take our loved ones with us; they will have to make adjustments in order to continue a relationship with us, such as taking the time to visit, or to write letters.)

(I was bound for a dreadful end, based on the decisions I was in the habit of making. The end result of drugs and street life are prisons, institutions and death, and, for better or worse, I know this more than most.)

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