BIO (Who Is Mark?)

Mark Baynard went from Criminal Background to earning a Criminal Justice Degree. He is the author of the book “100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle” and “These Are Your Flowers.” His books are available on Amazon in the book “100 Years” Mark shares how he went from a life of drugs, the streets, and prison to earning a College degree. Mark wasted a lot of time in prison because of his decision to get involved with drugs during his teenage years. This lifestyle caused him to venture the streets of Wilmington Delaware, Philadelphia, New Jersey, and New York City. After reaping the consequences that comes with the game, Mark realized that he wanted more out of life than anything the streets had to offer him. After being released from prison, Mark moved to the South in search of a fresh start. There he met his wife, whom they now share a nine year old together. Mark also has a 23-year-old daughter. Mark has been working with troubled teenagers for nine years. Mark earned an Associate’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from Ashford University. He then earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Faulkner University. He is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree while taking courses between Troy University and Auburn University at Montgomery. After getting his life back on track Mark realized that his family “collectively” wasted more than one hundred years in prison. Mark knew that he must do something to break this vicious cycle.

After adding up the time that they served collectively, Mark was surprised to see the number pass one hundred years. Initially, Mark felt hurt, ashamed, and disappointed in himself.  Then Mark thought of ways to end that curse. Mark spoke to family members and friends about this cycle. Mark then came to the conclusion that he could help others as well as his own family by bringing it to the public. As a result, Mark decide to write the book “100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle.” This book will take you on a roller coaster ride as you take a closer look into the mind and heart of a confused teenager. Mark also thought that it would be helpful to expose his many past mistakes. Mark’s goal is to show the mistakes that he made, in order to discourage this behavior. Mark’s journey also consist of Speaking to “Troubled Youth” in order to motivate them to make better choices. Mark is now on a journey to end this cycle of crime and prison in his family and in the community. Mark received positive feedback from his audience and he is thankful and humbled by that. Mark is seriously considering the request to write other material, but he will need your prayers for such a task.

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