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Give Them Flowers

Give your elderly loved ones their Flowers while they’re here to smell them.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, as it may be too late. Show your mother, father, & grandparents just how much you love them with this priceless gift. Author Mark L Baynard express the importance of showing our loved ones that you love them. Order a copy of the Book “These Are Your Flowers” today, it’s available on Amazon.

These Are Your Flowers ebook cover

Restaurant Inspire Movie

While in New Orleans I got to experience the Great food and excellent service at “Dooky Chase” restaurant. They showed us and everyone there a warm hospitality. My Family (wife, daughter and I), really enjoyed ourselves while their. One of the highlights was the History lesson that we’ve learned while there. The Disney Movie “The Princess and the Frog” was inspired by Mrs. Leah Chase. The movie “The Princess and the Frog was inspired by the New Orleans Restaurant “Dooky Chase.” In the movie the young princess “Tiana” had a dream of owning her own restaurant. Tiana’s dream later became a reality as she served Gumbo and other Cajun food.I wish that I would have met her before she passed on. To learn more about the restaurant you may check out their website at: follow the link