An Old Friend!

Good morning everyone! One day you receive a knock at the front door of your home and to your surprise, it’s and old friend.You haven’t seen this person in nearly twenty years. You recently thought about this person and wondered how they were doing. You thought of the many experiences that you shared together during your hustling days. You thought about the time that you had each others back and could always rely on one another for help. You realized that this person has been struggled just by their appearance. This person tells you about their current struggle with addiction to several hardcore drugs. This person then ask if they could stay with you, your wife, and young child for a few days. Would you allow this friend to stay with you or would you make an excuse? How would you handle this situation?


5 thoughts on “An Old Friend!”

  1. So many close friends have come into and gone out of my life and seemed to just evaporate away. I don’t know why or how and likely impossible to locate any as surprisingly we knew each other by mere nicknames only. Thanks visit my blog.

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  2. This question definitely hits home. My husband and I have definitely been in this predicament. I am my brothers keeper, however, since I had not seen this person in twenty plus years and he/she is dealing with substance abuse, I have to consider the safety of my family first. I will not allow this friend to stay at my home, but I would offer to pay for a hotel stay. I would also offer to help to get them some help for their drug addiction, invite them to go to church, be a friend and support system to helping them get their life back in order.

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