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Why Prisoners Return

Why do prisoners return to prison after being released? This is a major concern within our community. After paying their debt to society and the victim, if any, prisoners will be released back into the community. The last thing we want is for them to re-offend sending them back to prison. Let’s continue this conversation in the comment section on my youtube channel Subscribe at youtube.com/MarkBaynard like and share the video and share your thoughts on this topic.

Kru People

The Kru People are an African Tribe who refused to be taken as slaves. The  Kru People are an inspiration In most cases, the Kru People avoided capture. In other instances, they would fight to the death or even take their own lives before being captured. They were in Liberia and neighboring countries.  You can learn more about the Kru People on the britannica.com/topic/kru and the blackamericaweb.com

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