Breaking News: Repeat Offender Escapes From Prison!

Good morning family and friends! I wanted to make everyone aware of the breaking news. Be aware that there has been a prison break and there are plans for more. A black man, who is considered armed and dangerous, has escaped from the traps of prison, crime, doubt, and fear!

Mark L Baynard was raised in the Riverside Housing Projects in Wilmington, Delaware by his singled mother. Delaware is a small state surrounded by Philadelphia and New Jersey to the North and Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. to the South. Mark doesn’t make any excuses for the many mistakes that he made. Mark sold and used drugs as a teenager. This behavior eventually led him to received a long prison sentence. At that point Mark felt lost and could not see life beyond the walls or fences of prison. Once Mark gained an awareness and realized that he wanted more out of life, he has been on a mission to break the cycle of prison and crime within his family as well as in our communities. That’s when it started and the great escape happen.

Mark decided that it was necessary for him to break the chains of crime and prison in his own life. Mark now lives in Alabama where he can be found giving back to the youth by encouraging them to make responsible choices concerning their lives. Mark understands that a bad decision may negatively affect the rest of our lives.

To any brother or sisters who have recently been released from prison, this escape plan can even be used by you. This plan of escape can also be used by anyone who may be headed down the path of crime or prison. The first step in this escape plan is for individuals to make decisions that contribute to their freedom. We must understand that crime is counterproductive to any community. Crime also leads to violence, prison or an early death. We must break this vicious cycle of crime and prison and replace them with pro-social activities. I have a book full of the necessary tools in which you will need in order to proceed with this getaway plan.

100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle

Yes, Mark is armed and dangerous but not in the manner in which you may think. Mark is armed with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding which he offers in order to help others. Mark is on a journey to end the cycle of crime and prison in our society. Let others know about this escape plan because it may help others. This amazing story is told in his book “100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle.” His book “100 Years” is available on his website and on amazon Pick up a copy of his book today and encourage others to make this escape. This escape is not a physical escape from prison but more symbolic of making choices that allow us to maintain our freedom. Prison is not an option! Mark’s book is available in paperback for $15.00 and ebook for $7.99. Also subscribe to his newsletter in order to get updates any stay connected.



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