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Governor Strips Voting Rights

Good morning family and friends! We must take advantage of our Right to Vote. Get registered and Vote! “Shortly after taking office, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R), stripped 140,000 citizens of their voting rights and lowered the minimum wage in his State. This included ex-felons who recently had their voting rights restored. This appears to be a clear attack on minorities and the economically poor. The article was written by Alice Ollstein and it can be found on the following link:”



Miscarriage of Justice

Marlo 9

After serving 24 years on death row Jermaine “Marlo” Wright was released due to a number of mistakes made by the state. The State of Delaware appealed a ruling that led to the release of Marlo. After being released for a year and getting his life together, the State of Delaware required Marlo to turn himself back into the prison. The city of Wilmington came together in a strong show of support for this brother. Community leaders brother Coley Harris, brother Big Kieb Booker, Brother BoJack and many others came together to support Marlo and stand against injustice. The fight for freedom continues! Black lives matter!




Good morning everyone! There is power in Unity! Lets come together in Unity and celebrate all that is good about being Black. The hate and killing in the streets must come to an end. Have a good day everyone.