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Get Out And Vote

Good morning family, friends, and all citizens! Today is known as Super Tuesday in which several states will hold Presidential Primary Elections today for Democrats as well as Republicans. The polls will be open today in Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Tennessee just to name a few. We must get out and vote in order to be accounted for and attempt to make a difference. Head to the polls and allow your Vote to count as we work towards making a difference. Have a good day everyone!

Governor Strips Voting Rights

Good morning family and friends! We must take advantage of our Right to Vote. Get registered and Vote! “Shortly after taking office, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin (R), stripped 140,000 citizens of their voting rights and lowered the minimum wage in his State. This included ex-felons who recently had their voting rights restored. This appears to be a clear attack on minorities and the economically poor. The article was written by Alice Ollstein and it can be found on the following link:”