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Truth be Told

There is a cycle of crime, drugs use and sales, gun violence, and prison among our youth. Within our inner cities, some people can name two individuals within their family who have been incarcerated at one point.  The only answer to this problem is to lock them up and throw away the key. That will lead to a world of prisoners. As an alternative I believe that we must educate our youth and give the ones who want more out of life to have an opportunity to succeed. In my new book “100 Years: Truth Be Told” I attempt to educate our youth as well as adults. My goal is to give the warning as I paint the picture and then allow them to make an informed decision. There is always hope. #AnythingIsPossible #100Years #CantAffordToLoseAnotherGeneration #TheFutureOfOurYouth

The Words We Speak!

Be very careful of the words that we speak in the ears of others. Words have power! This is especially true when it comes to our loved ones. Our loved ones can include our children, our spouses, our parents, and our friends. The love, respect, and appreciation which others have for us may cause them to hold our words in high regard. The power of our words can be used as a form of a teaching tool, an endearing gesture, as well as simply encouragement. The power of words can also be used as a weapon to tear down or even destroy another. This is played out in relationships each day. During those moments of disagreement, things are sometimes done and said in order to hurt the other. Once those words have been uttered, they can never be taken back. The effects of those words may continue to live in their hearts even after they have offered forgiveness.

Personally, I can remember words that my dad said to me many years ago. Some of those words were very encouraging while other words brought about shame and guilt. I can see a lasting effect in my life even as I attempt to overcome them. Once words have been spoken in the ears of others, they can’t be taken back. Yes, others may forgive but those words may forever live on. The power of those words have already hit them where it hurts, right in the heart!

Be mindful of the power that we possess through words. Use our words in order to bring the best out of those whom we say that we love by offering hope and encouragement for others.