Today’s Word Is “Knowledge”

The word of the day is “Knowledge.” Knowledge is defined as: the state or fact of knowing; Familiarity, awareness, or comprehension acquired by experience or study.

Brothers and sisters we must gain knowledge. As the scriptures mention “my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. We must not rely on others to tells us who we are or even who the Most High God is. Knowledge is to study in order to gain this information first hand. We can no longer allow others to misinform us or distort the truth. Understand this brothers we were not created to be thugs or gangsters. Understand this sisters you were not create to be b*thces or whores. We must continue to gain knowledge as we fight for justice, equality, and freedom. In order for us to make a positive difference in our own communities, we must learn about the greatness that God has placed in us. After gaining such precious information we are then obligated to walk as the men and women that the Most High has declared us to be.

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