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The Word of the Day will consist of inspiring, encouraging, and thought provoking words. These words can be used as motivation to start off with a good day. It is believed that our day will end as it begins. Mark would like to offer a “word of the day”on Tuesday and Friday. The Author, Mark L Baynard hope that we can all grow and learn from these words.

Woke Up Thankful

Good morning! I woke up in the spirit of being thankful. When I think about all that I’ve been through and the many mistakes that I’ve made, I’m still here. I’m not just here, I’m making the best of this thing called life. I could’ve been strung-out on drugs, lost my mind, still in prison or even dead. I’m learning to appreciate the small things in life such a the breath of life, family, and having the right state of mind.

Today I’m forever grateful for the life that I have, nothing special, just life. I encourage others to appreciate all that life has given you. One day this will be over for us and we’ll have nothing else to offer besides a memory. For now I’m thankful for today. May the Most High God continue to bless us all as the days go by.

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No Excuses!

Though we may be experiencing some difficult times with this pandemic, we’re making no excuses. We get up in the morning and take with us our protective gear, as we head out for work. Being an essential worker, we’re practicing social distancing, hoping to make it back home safe. Yes, it gets uncomfortable at times, but we’re making decisions for the greater cause of society. This greater cause includes our fellow human being (Our brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, parents, grandparents, neighbors, strangers, & friends. We’re praying for the many people (170,000+) that we’ve lost to the battle of COVID-19. May the Most High God continue to guide us in the right direction. I remain humble and thankful for my portion here on earth. That being said, there are No Excuses!

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Today’s Word Is “Persistent”

Good morning everyone! The word of the day is “Persistent.” Being persistent when reaching for our goals may get us over the hump. Persistent is defined as: Refusing to give up or let go: tenacious, enduring.

There are times in our lives when things may not appear to go our way. Reaching some of our goals may seem like an impossible task. During these times we must be persistent. Sometimes it may be necessary to make adjustments or even change strategies while refusing to give up.  Be persistent as our potential is unlimited. Best wishes to you as you embark on new territory.

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