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Arizona Man’s Police Encounter

There has been a lot on the news about police brutality against unarmed civilians in this Great Nation. There have been countless video footage of law enforcement use of excessive force. On the other end of these cases usually were an African-American male. This causes a concerning in urban America for young black males. As a result the Black Live Matter Movement was born. Yes, I am in agreement, being a black male myself, that black lives do matter. While searching the internet, I came across a story that went against all that we have come to expect when encountered by law enforcement.

While on his way to his office to turn in his weekly paperwork, an African-American male was pulled over by Tuscon Arizona police officers (Roger 2015). The purpose of the stop was due to a broken tail light. There were two officers in the vehicle. He was wearing a hoodie and he was “strapped,” another term for being in possession of a firearm. The male explains how he was respectful to the officer and complied with all orders. The officers disarmed this gentleman, as a precautionary step in this process. After the officer ran a check on the gentleman’s name, registration, and insurance he returned with a surprise. The officer informed the gentleman that due to the way that he conducted himself, they were returning his firearm to him and only gave him a warning.

As we know, this situation could have gone a lot different. This gentleman which I could have been another incident of a justified homicide. The gentleman who I am referencing is Steven Hildreth Jr who serves our country as a member of the National Guard. After his experience, Mr. Hildreth went public to speak about how he appreciated this experience. The gentleman also pointed out that even when suspects are disrespectful, that it should not lead to death. He credits this successful outcome to being respectful with and cooperating with law enforcement. Mr Hildreth has a message that all police are “Not out to get us.”

I appreciate this story and hope that others can use this as an example of how to respond when confronted by law enforcement. I thank Mr. Hildreth for his courage and how well he conducted himself. I also thank the Tuscon, Arizona Police Officers for their professionalism. #BlackLivesMatter #AllLiveMatter

(Roger 2015) Jazmine Denise Roger, Armed motorist’s FB Post About Traffic Stop Goes Viral: “I’m a Black Man Wearing a Hoodie and Strapped.” October 30, 2015 Madame Noire, Retrieved from http://madamenoire.com/595891/armed-motorists-fb-post-about-traffic-stop-goes-viral-im-a-black-man-wearing-a-hoodie-and-strapped/

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Positive Thinking!

Good morning everyone! Just wanted to share an excerpt from the book “100 Year.” “Today I am on a journey to make something good out of the rest of my life based on my efforts to turn my negative experiences into positive things. I appreciate and enjoy my freedom and I willingly accept the responsibilities that come with that. Today, I embrace life and understand the importance of family and being a good example to them. Life has a lot to offer and I will fight to protect the purpose I have found.” Have a good day everyone! The book is available on my website www.journey100years.com and on Amazon.


100 Years e-book cover v2

New Career as an Author!


100 Years e-book cover v2

I just wanted to share my new career as an author. I continue to hold my current job, working with troubled teenagers. I stepped out in an effort to officially start my career as an independent author. In the process, I now have a new-found appreciation and respect for the profession. Being an independent author requires a lot of hard work and dedication. We are responsible for writing, editing, book cover design, formating, illustrations, marketing and promotion of the book. It can be an act of Congress to get your book into bookstores. You post on social media network and receive minimal likes and feedback. Some of this can be discouraging and cause you to lose interest in your dream. My words to other aspiring author’s is to continue to reach for your goals.  Writing is a gift from God, use it to help others. Offer your gift of writing to the world even if you’re not appreciated. Be professional when reaching out to bookstores and be able to accept “No” for an answer. Be respectful when encountering customers or fans. All the while others may not share the excitement of your gift to the world.

I going full steam ahead with my new career. I just released my book “100 Years, A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle” in paperback on Amazon and Kindle ebook. My book is also available on http://www.journey100years.com. I became a little emotional when I saw my book on Amazon.com. This was an accomplishment for me. Hard work does pay off. This is not a get rich quick profession but the value is found in the lives that may be positively affected by your book.Best wishes to everyone and don’t be afraid to step out on faith and pursue your dreams.