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The Golden Thirteen

The Golden Thirteen are the thirteen African-American men who became the first  African-American men to become commissioned and warrant officers in the United States Navy in 1994. John Walter Reagan, Jesse Walter Arbor, Dalton Louis Baugh, Frank Ellis Sublett, Graham Edward Martin, Phillip George Barnes, Reginald E. Goodwin, James Edward Hair, Samuel Edward Barnes, George Clinton Cooper, William Sylvester White, and Dennis Denmark Nelson were commissioned. Charles Byrd Lear was appointed as a Warrant Officer.



Denzel Washington

Celebrating accomplishments of an African-American actor, film-maker, leader, role model, father, and family man. Denzel Washington held an event that raised $17,000,000 for the Smithsonian National Museum of African-American History and Culture. http://www.facebook.com/AfricanAmerican100

Denzel Washington 2

Henry “Box” Brown

Celebrating the struggles of our ancestors. Henry “Box” Brown packaged and mailed himself, while inside of a wooden box, from a Virginia slave plantation to Philadelphia in search of freedom. Today, we must maintain our freedom with the same determination as Henry “Box Brown.