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Journey100years is a new blog looking to assist teenagers as well as adults. There is a high recidivism rate for both juveniles as well as adult offenders. There are a high percentage of juvenile offenders that ends up within an adult facility. Mark Baynard established journey100years in order to address a number of issues. Mark has a wealth of personal experiences of making poor decisions. He is now looking to offer alternatives during those challenges. Mark is open to advice or suggestions on how to successfully reach out to these individuals in need.

Why Wouldn’t Mark Listen?

Mark was a teenager living the fast lifestyle of a city slicker. Mark started as a good and respectful child. His single parent mother taught him to do the right thing and respect his elders. She also  taught him a number of helpful things. During his early teens, he found himself hanging with some of the older guys from the neighborhood. He then started smoking marijuana and drinking a little beer. He eventually graduated to using harder drugs such as cocaine. During these times he became very disrespectful to his mother and others. His mother then decided to put mark out of her house. Mark then living on the streets and staying from place to place didn’t know what to do. He mostly found comfort with relatives. His mother attempted to find him and bring him back home on a few occasions, but Mark hid from her each time. Mark continued to get high and eventually started committing petty crimes. Shortly after his eighteenth birthday, Mark was arrested and sent off to prison. His mother was brought to tears and her heart was heavy when she heard the news. She knew that she had warned Mark times over of the dangers of the streets. After she came up from a long prayer she looked to the sky and asked “why wouldn’t Mark listen?”

The character of Mark in this story has the love and support of his mother, yet he continued down the wrong path. My questions to my readers is:

Why wouldn’t Mark or even others listen before it’s too late? Post your comments on this topic.

Anything Is Possible!

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