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We wasted too much time in Prison

Mark L. Baynard,  Author Speaking at Book Signing!

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Give Them Flowers

Give your elderly loved ones their Flowers while they’re here to smell them.  Don’t wait until tomorrow, as it may be too late. Show your mother, father, & grandparents just how much you love them with this priceless gift. Author Mark L Baynard express the importance of showing our loved ones that you love them. Order a copy of the Book “These Are Your Flowers” today, it’s available on Amazon.

These Are Your Flowers ebook cover

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Maddox Files Blog Tour

The book “Maddox Files: Back to Business,” by R. J. Davies Mornix available on Amazon or Purchase a Copy of her book. Maddox Files Blog Tour

Her Amazon Author page Reads:

R. J. Davies Mornix dreamed of being a published author since she was eight years old. She has always been a fan of science fiction and fantasy. She grew up in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, had lived in Toronto for a few years, where she met her husband, Dave Mornix, who has been her biggest fan and supporter. She now lives back in Sault Ste. Marie with her husband, two sons, Davey and Denziel (the Best), and their two cats, writing plots, conversations, and scenes in ratty notebooks, napkins, and slips of torn-up, coffee-stained envelopes. When asked why she writes, her answer is, “It’s a need, really, like breathing … I have to do it.”