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Helping Youth Through my Past

I have made a number of mistakes in my life. My problems started during my early teenage years. Those mistakes have placed me in some very compromising and dangerous situations. Our youth are making some of the same mistakes that I made when I was a teenager. We now live in a technologically advanced society. Almost anything that we want is within reach through our devices; iPad, iPod, laptops, and smartphones. These are very useful tools which allows us to connect with others on a personal as well as in a professional level. The concern with more technology and resources comes the reality of having more opportunities to do different things. Drugs, pills, and sex are more available than in years past. A minor can meet and be lured by an adult predator, acting as a teenager online. This can happen within the comforts of a child’s home.

I encourage parents to work extra hard at being there as a “shield and guard” for your children. No, we can’t protect them from life and they will have to learn some things through experience. When noticing sudden changes in their behavior, then I urge you not to brush it off as growing pains. They might need your direct intervention and support at that very moment. We must work towards helping our youth make better decisions concerning their lives. I got into a lot of trouble by simply choosing to do the wrong thing. Teenagers now have assistance with the bombardment of the internet. I just encourage adults to be aware of the many challenges and offer guidance in the times of need.

“My hope is that by sharing my story, others will learn from my experiences and began to make better choices.” This is a quote by Author, Mark L Baynard,100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle http://www.amazon.com/-/e/B00TLXK5L6



What Good Can I Do?


Good morning everyone! I woke up this morning thinking of the many problems that exist within our society. I thought about our homeless problem, disease problem, drug addiction problem, criminal activity, prison overcrowding, spousal abuse, child abuse & abandonment etc. At that moment I felt bad for the many people who are currently experiencing those things. I thought about the old saying “you are either a part of the solution or a part of the problem.” I then asked myself the question: “what good can I do today?” I don’t want to be a part of societies problems by sitting back idle as if I don’t see these thing happening. Any gift that I have can be used as an instrument to help someone experiencing difficult times. I don’t have much but one of my greatest treasures are my experiences. Many years ago, I lived a life of a street hustler and partook in things related to that lifestyle. As a result of that lifestyle I ended up serving a lot of time in prison. Well, I have been out of prison for ten years and made significant changes in my life. As a human being I am somewhat obligated to do my part in preventing others from heading down that same path. The good that I plan to do is to reach those who use drugs and commit crimes. I am hoping that my life can be a good example of what not to do.

Anyone who may be using drugs or committing crimes, I would say to you, there is a better way. The first step is to address the issues that has led us in that direction. This can be done by talking to others about our feelings or seeking professional help. The next step is to pursue an education. Without an education, it will be difficult to find gainful employment. A vocational trade such as plumbing, electrician, welding, and auto mechanics. There are jobs in these fields. A college degree will also open doors of opportunity. Drugs and criminal activity will lead to prison or death. Freedom is more valuable than money.

A number of others on this site has a lot that they can offer others. My questions to everyone is “what good can you do today?” I would like to hear from others. Someone may need your help!