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Mark Baynard Speaks

Mark Baynard shares about the motivation about his new book titled: 100 Years: A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle. This is a true story and his book is a must read. You can order his book from his website http://www.journey100years.com, Amazon.com, Kindel ebook, BooksAMillion.com, and BarnesAndNobles.com for $15.00. The ebook can be purchased for $7.99. This book points out a problem of the repeated cycle of incarceration within his family as well as within our society. This is a relevant topic and Mark shares his journey of ending the cycle and setting a good example for others to follow.

An Encouraging Word From the Author


A short encouraging word from the Author Mark Baynard. I would like to encouraging everyone to reach for your goals. Don’t allow anyone to discourage you from reaching for the sky. You may  never know the great things which you can accomplish if you aren’t willing to take a chance on your dreams. You only fail at something when you refuse to try. You have to have faith that you are able to do it. As mentioned in the scriptures, “Faith without works is dead.” Go ahead, take a chance on reaching your goals. If you fall in the process, get back up and try again. Best wishes to everyone!


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