My Hood To Yours



Good morning Everyone! I just have a short message from my hood to yours. Growing up in a low income housing project can present a number of challenges. There are also challenges when being raised without the presence of a father. These challenges can sometimes effect our will to pay attention and learn while in school. Some of us fall off and give up hope at this very point. Without an education, it is nearly impossible to earn an honest living. Drugs and crime are more available than getting a job sometimes. This is not an excuse for crime or any negative behavior. I am just pointed out some of the realities that exist in my hood. There is a need for men and women of the hood to stand up and take charge. Set a good example for our younger generation to follow. In the process we may win back some of the older ones who gave up years ago. For those of who knows better, it is time for us to do better. Each one, teach one! United we will Stand and divided we will Fall. We are responsible for making a positive difference in our own community. Have a good day!

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