100 Years, A Journey to End a Vicious Cycle

100 Years!

100 Years!

This book is  a true story of how one man attempts to end the cycle of prison in his family. Mark’s family wasted more than one hundred years in prison. Mark shares some of his most personal parts of his life in order to prevent others from experiencing some of the same things. Mark understands that there are a number of other families with multiple family member in prison. This problem isn’t isolated to Mark’s family but is a community as well as a society issue. This is much more than a street, drugs, or crime story. This is a story of courage, determination and faith as Mark makes positive changes in his life. After serving more than a decade in prison for drugs, Mark was released and had a new perspective on life. He went on to make significant changes in his life. He didn’t allow the tags or stigmas of being an ex-felon to hold him back. There were a number of challenges that he faced when seeking employment but he continued in each instance. This is a must read and has the potential of making a significant difference in our world. The book is scheduled for release in March or April 2015.


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